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Friday, May 26, 2006

A Volunteer's Tale - The Faith of Megan Springer

I, too, have had hundreds of experiences of God helping resource meet need. It seemed some days back in the fall in the Pearl*Mart that I could merely NEED something and the wherewithal to provide it showed up immediately. Sometimes they were in the room at the same time and I merely had to introduce them....

- Canada Jon

A week of Faith, as captured by Megan Springer, volunteer for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:

"God showed up everyday last week both spiritually and physically. Every group was divinely paired with the right work orders.

The houses we worked on were Jeff Johnson, Willie Santiago, Rhiannon Kelly, Linda Shaw, William Holden, Sam Bailey, Kat Hosty, Tim Blackwell and Pearl*Mart (Pearlington Recovery Center) and of course PDA Village Six.

Where there is the greatest need God is most physically evident. I truly believe that we can not out give God. The bank of God is always open and so it was this week.

Our warehouse has been sadly low on supplies and I had discussed this with some of the campers. We closed devotions in prayer and one of the ladies asked God to fill the warehouse. I had goose bumps, a personal sign of God in action. The next morning I called the warehouse manager to tell him what happened; no answer, left message. A couple hours later he called me back yelling excitedly to say that an 18 wheeler had pulled up full with appliances.

The next day at Willie Santiago’s house the group fell short on insulation. They called to ask if there was any here. I told them they could check; whatever is on site is fair game. The minute they pulled up so did a man with a pick up truck full of insulation. He drove it to Willie’s house and then brought back more.

The next day Willie was going to purchase sheet rock. His church called and asked if he needed some because they had extra he could use.

The next day they needed mud and electrical supplies. When the group came back to the site a man in a mini van pulled up with mud, electrical supplies and other materials.

I needed to see this myself as much as Willie did. I think that I can say that for the volunteers as well. I believe that God lives in the spaces between people. If bridging that gap fulfills the Great Commandment then God is truly at work here. I can’t describe the feeling of an old man weeping in gratitude. It is completely spiritual, as many of you know yourselves. Doesn’t it make you feel alive? Doesn’t it make you burn with love for our humanity?

This is the real world."

Megan Springer
PDA Jane of all Trades


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