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Friday, July 28, 2006

A Volunteer's Tale - Amlin U.M.C.

41 of us went to Pearlington from three churches here in Central Ohio. We had an excellent time of fellowship with each other and with the proud residents of Pearlington MS.

My work crew worked on Charles Acker's house and I am happy to say we hung insulation in 90% of the house (the bathroom still needs framing and plumbing). In addition to the insulation we hung 90% of the drywall and it is really shaping up. One of the crews got his roof put on and we all pitched in to cleanup and straighten up. I could not have spent 5 days doing anything more rewarding than working for this man.

On Friday our little crew of eight was out of work at Mr. Charles' house, so we dug down deep and pulled up enough strength to get another assignment. "Mrs. Linda is hanging sheet rock" is all we needed to hear. Off we ran to 4th Ave. and Mrs. Linda's house. We had such little time to help but were determined to get something done. We helped clean up and straighten up some joint compound, filled in screw holes etc... Some of us just straightened up in general and we felt so bad we couldn't get much more done.

Apologizing to Mrs. Linda we got to see how God really works. She told us that she woke up that morning and raised her hands to Jesus and said "I cannot go on, I cannot work in there another minute, please help me!" A short while later the PRC called and said there was a work crew ready to head to her house. We didn't get much physical work done but by the time we left Mrs. Linda was telling us what color she was going to paint the kitchen.

Our logo for this mission trip said "More than just a hand", quite appropriate in this case.

Jason Kent
Amlin United Methodist Church

Jason is from a small town outside of Columbus, OH - check out their web site at


  • At 1:16 PM, Anonymous kcsummer said…

    Reading the story of the work crew from Ohio, it was a refreshing story (and Miss Linda's house, I forgot) it was refreshing to read people helping people instead of war stories and the mid east conflict thanks for letting me read it...... Anne Robertson, Kansas City, MO


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