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Monday, July 10, 2006

Back Home Again: The Taylor Family

It’s getting close to the one-year mark of being homeless.

Homeless. That is not a word I thought we would ever be. It’s not just a physical state, but a mental and emotional state, as well; feelings of hopelessness, fear, sadness and worry that can rip a family apart.

But thanks to God, old friends, new friends and others who helped, we are back home again. The feeling of peacefulness is returning and I smile as we are once again able to sit down together for dinner, while sharing the day’s events. We laugh and act silly over things we had come to take for granted, like not having to climb over the toilet in the FEMA trailer to get in the shower. And when you got there, you had better wet yourself down quickly, turn off the water, soap up and then just as quickly rinse off - all before those seven little gallons run out.

The feelings of comfort, safety and privacy once again fill our home. But, as we reach the final completion, I hate to see our extended family move on. I thank them all, as they not only helped us stretch our funds, worked with us physically until we were all ready to drop, but so much more. They supported us when we felt we couldn’t go on, or so stressed we couldn’t even think.

They became part of our family, from the smallest pre-schooler helping scrape the floor to the eldest, passing nails as needed. This home was built with love.
My heart goes out to all the many others in Pearlington. I know how they feel as they face the long, hard journey of rebuilding their lives and homes. As always, I’ll pray, help where and who I can and open my doors to as many children as Holly brings home.

And I will do so until they are all safely back in their own homes.

Love and many thanks to all,
Sue, Ben and Holly "The Librarian" Taylor
Tatnall Avenue,
Pearlington, MS


  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Corrie said…

    Dear Taylor family,

    I am so thankful that you are Home. We loved working along side helping you to get one step closer to moving in. Your hospitality to our family was wonderful. I was so amazed to see you giving so generously to us after having lost everything. You helped to make our stay in Pearlington a great experience. I was thrilled to hear that Holly now has her library. Your family will be a part of us forever.


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